Directory of Approved Biopharmaceutical Products

  • Stefania Spada Gary Walsh
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Biopharmaceuticals, the term for genetically engineered therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and nucleic acid-based products, have become an increasing part of the pharmaceutical armament. While this category of drugs accounts for approximately 25% of all new drugs coming to market, very few references exist that review these commercially available products. Until now, accessing data on the list of currently approved biopharmaceuticals has been laborious and patchy. Directory of Approved Biopharmaceutical Products brings together key information on various aspects of these compounds, presenting a brief summary of each biopharmaceutical currently approved for medical use. Each summary includes the scientific and trade name, year and regions approved, approved indications, manufacturer, marketing right, method of manufacture, scientific overview, and therapeutic properties. Based on information gathered from regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical manufacturers, the book presents the most comprehensive data currently available in a single, convenient volume. This comprehensive and consistent approach will save professionals in the pharmaceutical industry hours spent trawling the literature - and provides a singular resource for future reference.
Antibody-based Products. Anticoagulants. Antisense Based Products. Blood Factors. Bone Morphogenetic Proteins. Colony Stimulating Factors. Erythropoietin. Growth Factors. Hormones. Interferons. Interleukins, Tumour Necrosis Factor and Related Products. Therapeutic Enzymes. Thrombolytic agents. Vaccines.
Pubyear 2019
ISBN 9780367393960
Verschenen 5 sep. 2019
Omvang 336
Auteur(s) Stefania Spada Gary Walsh
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels

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