Guide to AIDS

  • Omar Bagasra Donald Gene Pace
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The Guide to AIDS is succinct review of HIV/AIDS from a human-interest perspective. Chapters focus on some of the common patterns and prevention of HIV transmission and debunks misconceptions about HIV and AIDS. Brief descriptions the human immune system and epidemiology of HIV are included. The cultural component of disease, treatment and living with AIDS is central to much of this guide intended to synthesize, explain and de-mystify HIV and AIDS. key selling featurws: Provides a simplified brief review of HIV and the disease it causes - AIDS Debunks myths associated with HIV transmision such as through mosquito bites Identifies simple and low cost ways to prevent the transmission and spread of HIV Illustrates the crucial role that culture plays in the prevention of HIV spread and AIDS treatment Puts a human face on the problem of diagnosing and living with AIDS
HIV/AIDS is Easy to Prevent. A Preventable Disease. Clean Needles in the Developing World. Mosquitos Do Not Spread HIV. Small Personal Choices and Big Results. The Root of the Problem. A Tale of Incomplete Hopes. To Fund or Not to Fund? That is Not the Whole Question. The Human Immune System: Multi-level Protection. Strain 1, Group M and the Epidemiology of HIV. What To Do and Not To Do? As Simple as ABC or ABCC? Alcohol and AIDS. HIV in the Age of the Desaperacidas. The Military-AIDS Complex: AIDS and International Security. Counting the Costs: More Deadly Than Military Conflict. "This is Not Your Land. Go Away AIDS": Music and Orphans. Cultural Differences and AIDS Awareness. AIDS and the Hispanic Community. Culture and AIDS Transmission: The Example of India. Indian Traditions, Women and HIV. Confession and Complaint: Bad, Worse and Worst. The Language of AIDS. These Died of AIDS. Etcetera: These are the Houses That AIDS Built. AIDS Personified.
Pubyear 2018
ISBN 9781138373532
Serie Pocket Guides to Biomedical Sciences
Verschenen 18 sep. 2018
Omvang 168
Auteur(s) Omar Bagasra Donald Gene Pace
Bindwijze Gebonden
Taal Engels
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