Health Psychology

  • Charles Abraham Mark Conner Fiona Jones
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The new edition of Health Psychology is the perfect introduction to this rapidly developing field. Throughout the book, the psychological processes that shape health-related behaviors, and affect core functions such as the immune and cardiovascular systems, are clearly explained. These relationships provide the foundation for psychological interventions which can change cognition, perception and behavior, thereby improving health. The book is split into five sections, and builds to provide a comprehensive overview of the field: the biological basis of health and illness stress and health coping resources: social support and individual differences motivation and behavior relating to patients Extensively revised to include new material on behavioral change, the role of stress, resilience and social support, recovery from work, and the care of people with chronic disease, the book also includes a range of features which highlight key issues, and engage readers in applying what we have learned from research. This is essential reading for any undergraduates studying this exciting field for the first time, and the perfect primer for those embarking on postgraduate study.
Series Preface. Preface. 1. Introduction to health psychology Section 1: Biological bases of health and illness 2. Biopsychosocial pathways to health and illness Section 2: Stress and health 3. Stress theory and research 4. Stress and health in context Section 3: Coping resources: social support and individual differences 5. Coping and social support 6. Personality and health Section 4: Motivation and behaviour 7. Health cognition and health behaviours 8. Changing motivation 9. Changing behaviour Section 5: Relating to patients 10. Relating to patients 11. Future directions, roles and competencies. References. Index
Pubyear 2016
ISBN 9781138023406
Serie Topics in Applied Psychology
Verschenen 19 apr. 2016
Omvang 328
Editie 2nd New edition
Auteur(s) Charles Abraham Mark Conner Fiona Jones
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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