Health, Safety, and Environmental Data Analysis

  • Anthony J. Joseph
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Professionals in environmental health and safety (EHS) management use statistics every day in making decisions. This book was created to provide the quantitative tools and techniques necessary to make important EHS assessments. Readers need not be statistically or mathematically inclined to make the most of this book-mathematical derivations are kept to a minimum and subjects are approached in a simple and factual manner, complemented with plenty of real-world examples. Chapters 1-3 cover knowledge of basic statistical concepts such as presentation of data, measurements of location and dispersion, and elementary probability and distributions. Data gathering and analysis topics including sampling methods, sampling theory, testing, and interference as well as skills for critically evaluating published numerical material is presented in Chapters 4-6. Chapters 7-11 discuss information generation topics-regression and correlation analysis, time series, linear programming, network and Gnatt charting, and decision analysis-tools that can be used to convert data into meaningful information. Chapter 12 features six examples of projects made successful through statistical approaches being applied. Readers can use these approaches to solve their own unique problems. Whether you are a EHS professional, manager, or student, Health, Safety, and Environmental Data Analysis: A Business Approach will help you communicate statistical data effectively.
Basic Statistical Concepts Presentation of Data Measures of Location and Dispersion Probability and Probability Distributions Data Gathering and Analysis Sampling Methods Sampling Theory and Estimation Testing and Inference Information Generation Regression and Correlation Time Series Linear Programming Network and Gnatt Chart Decision Analysis Examples of Projects Selected Bibliography Index
"...succeeds in presenting analytical materials in a most effective narrative style...this text offers a quick, easy reference to assist in converting the collection of required health and safety data into useful, effective tools." -Professional Safety
Pubyear 2019
ISBN 9780367400804
Verschenen 11 sep. 2019
Omvang 160
Auteur(s) Anthony J. Joseph
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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