Introduction to Health Psychology

  • Val Morrison Paul Bennett
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This fourth edition retains the highly praised approach of previous editions, with each chapter providing an overview of the theory and research before moving on to explore applications and intervention practice. The primary goals of health psychologists are to describe, predict and then to intervene and this book continues to reflect that process.
PART I: BEING AND STAYING HEALTHY Chapter 1 What is health? Chapter 2 Health inequalities Chapter 3 Health-risk behaviour Chapter 4 Health-protective behaviour Chapter 5 Explaining health behaviour Chapter 6 Reducing risk of disease - individual approaches Chapter 7 Population approaches to public health PART II: BECOMING ILL Chapter 8 The body in health and illness Chapter 9 Symptom perception, interpretation and response Chapter 10 The consultation and beyond Chapter 11 Stress, health and illness: theory Chapter 12 Stress and illness moderators Chapter 13 Managing stress PART III: BEING ILL Chapter 14 The impact of illness on quality of life Chapter 15 The impact of illness on patients and their families Chapter 16 Pain Chapter 17 Improving health and quality of life PART IV: FUTURES Chapter 18 Futures
Pubyear 2016
ISBN 9781292003139
Verschenen 19 feb. 2016
Omvang 680
Editie 4th edition
Auteur(s) Val Morrison Paul Bennett
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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