Kumar & Clark's Cases in Clinical Medicine

  • Parveen Kumar Michael L. Clark
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The latest addition to the Kumar & Clark family, this thoroughly updated new edition covers more than 200 cases presenting with acute symptoms in the hospital, everything from shingles and breathlessness to chest pain, acute coronary syndromes, poisoning, renal failure and stroke. The authors give clear and concise advice on immediate and further management, management of complications, differential diagnoses, history-taking, tips and pitfalls, alerts, investigations, and prioritization. . More than 200 cases . Remember! boxes . Investigations boxes . Information boxes Edited by Parveen Kumar, CBE, BSc, MD, FRCP, FRCP(Edin) and Michael L Clark, MD, FRCP Enhanced e-book accompanies the print book, for ease of transportation and use on the move. Over 200 cases
1 Infectious Diseases 2 Sexually Transmitted Infections 3 Nutrition 4 Gastroenterology 5 Liver and Biliary Tract Disorders 6 Haematology and Oncology 7 Care of the Elderly 8 Rheumatology 9 Kidney and Urinary Tract Disease 10 Cardiology 11 Respiratory Disorders 12 ITU 13 Poisoning 14 Endocrinology and Diabetes 15 Neurology 16 Psychiatry 17 Dermatology
From customer reviews of the previous edition: 'Cases in Clinical Medicine is an extremely complementary resource for medical students - especially as quick reference material on the ward. If you are used to using Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine it has a familiar feel in its structure and ease of reading. It is well structured and contains pretty much all the regular cases you will experience on the wards during your clinical years. Being in my first clinical year, I have found it is a useful adjunct to the Oxford Handbook. The chapters list regular cases, with a run-through of the presentation (signs and symptoms), differentials, early and late management, available treatments and much more. There are loads of useful diagrams and images from clinical practice - X-rays, medial photographs, histology/cytology etc.' 'The information in this text is concise, relevant and reliable . evidence-based whenever possible. The depth of knowledge goes beyond that expected of clinical medical students and so this book will be of use during the Foundation Course and maybe even specialist training years. .As a ward-based reference it is excellent, containing all the acute situations one is likely to encounter whilst on a medical attachment. Information is outlined in a concise and readable manner but the detail is more than sufficient to impart the key information one needs to know. Key points are regularly reinforced using textboxes to highlight their importance. .The use of case histories in each section is a good method of highlighting the key points yet also develops understanding and learning when reference is made to a clinical case. There is good use made of quality diagrams, tables and photographs throughout the text.'
Pubyear 2020
ISBN 9780702077326
Verschenen 9 okt. 2020
Omvang 584
Editie 4th edition
Auteur(s) Parveen Kumar Michael L. Clark
Bindwijze Paperback
Taal Engels
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